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The Melbourne Performing Arts Academy

is a social enterprise community music school that provides a nurturing, student-centered, life enriching and musically challenging learning experiences for students of all ages, both adults and children. We offer lessons at our purpose-built studio at 4 Bolingbroke St, Pascoe Vale, Coburg North Primary, Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre and in all areas of Melbourne

We strive to serve the community with the social outcome of common good and betterment of the community. MINPAA is socially innovative in the way it thinks outside of the box and generates enough income to cover its costs and help those in need.

MINPAA achieves this by providing accessible music education for all communities, as well as providing volunteers and trainees access to employment and training.

We derive all our income from providing services and trade through improved market access, and the majority of our profits are channeled towards our social mission of bridging communities through music education.

We pride ourselves on having a high-level, concise, and multi-layered curriculum incorporating Feierabend, Orff & Kodaly methodologies, along with Volaris, Suzuki, Alfred's and ABC instrumental curriculum.

Our community focussed performing arts experiences celebrate diversity, and warmly welcome asylum seekers, single parents and those in need. By instilling students with a life-long love for music, bridging communities through music and engagement with cultural diversity, we enrich the social and intellectual fabric of our local community

We also incorporate the Australian Curriculum for Music Education and ensure the following standards are met in all lessons at the academy - Early Childhood - Grade 2

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My daughter has been attending the Melbourne Inner North Performing Arts Academy for two years now, and I couldn't be happier with her progress. The teachers are incredibly skilled and passionate, creating a nurturing environment that has allowed her to blossom both musically and personally. The diverse curriculum and performance opportunities have given her confidence and a deep love for music. I highly recommend this academy to any parent looking for a comprehensive and inspiring music education for their child.

Emma S.


Enrolling my son in the Melbourne Inner North Performing Arts Academy was one of the best decisions we've made. The academy's dedication to excellence and individualized attention has made a significant impact on his musical journey. He started with basic piano lessons and now plays with remarkable skill and enthusiasm. The community here is warm and supportive, making every lesson and event a joy to attend. Thank you for fostering such a positive and enriching

Alex T.


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Music for Children

It is the entitlement of every child in Australia to have access to a properly structured music curriculum, taught by a specialist teacher, from kindergarten through to high school.

Why do we teach music to children?

We teach music to children so that they can make their own music, that is, compose their own music. We teach music to children so that they can have access to the enormous repertoire of music from all over the world. We teach music to children so that they can think in the abstract, develop high levels of aural imagination and engage in complex and complicated problem-solving tasks with composition. We teach children music so that they can learn to sing and later choose an instrument they might wish to learn.

What do we teach to children?

We teach children a wide and varied repertoire of songs, games and dances using their natural voices and movement accompanied from time-to-time with classroom instruments, from which children learn all the skills associated with composition; notation- reading and writing; improvisation vocal and instrumental, notation -graphic and conventional.

When do we teach children music?

From pre-school at the earliest through songs, games and dances, and then onwards more formally from Kindergarten through to high school. At an appropriate stage every child should have access to some form of on-going instrumental tuition under the guidance of an expert instrumental teacher.

Who teaches children music?

The most highly-trained specialist music teachers possible.

Intrinsic benefits

Music has to be heard to be comprehended. It is abstract sound which passes through time. It requires from its listeners the highest forms of listening and the highest forms of concentration leading to the highest forms of thinking. It is capable of evoking, suggesting and implying limitless numbers of emotional reactions in the child which then play upon the mind and the imagination of the child. It has the power to reach the hearts, minds and spirits of children and in so doing provides intense joy and satisfaction to the listener. Music has been and remains a powerful form of human communication in most societies on earth. Children need to have this experience as part of their humanising process.

Extrinsic benefits

Children engaged in a seriously planned and well-taught curriculum of music have advantages in all other fields of study within the school curriculum; language, reading, writing, number, sciences and the like. There is a wealth of statistical information proving this. To deny a child a thorough music education is to deny the child access to the highest levels of any learning. Children with a music background hear better, concentrate longer, think more clearly, work happily in abstraction, are less distracted in class and tend to achieve well in all fields of study. The study of musical instruments leads to participation in ensembles, orchestras and the like provides children with unique musical and social experiences. Here, as with choral singing, children are brought to the highest levels of group participation requiring highly developed skills in co-ordination and a highly evolved sense of musicality and attentiveness.

Until every child in Australia has access to music education of the highest order Australia will remain as an under-developed cultural non-entity.

We are Passionate about Dancing, Singing, Music & Teaching

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